Electronic delivery notification

Electronic delivery notification - for optimal resources planning

Would you like to be informed when your delivery leaves our company? Use the electronic delivery notification for notification of goods and for optimal resources planning.

Stay informed with "electronic delivery notification"
Stay informed with "electronic delivery notification"

You will be well informed with the electronic delivery notification from DriveBenefits ! We will notify you as soon as the delivery leaves our factory. You choose how the information is sent - via EDI , e-Mail or SMS.

The delivery notification makes it possible to coordinate your production processes with delivery precisely and to make arrangements to receive the goods. Important data, such as delivery note number, date of dispatch, goods recipient, carrier and additional information relating to the order, are transmitted by us to you as part of the electronic delivery notification.

All clear! The delivery notification makes it possible to respond to questions from your goods recipient regarding the delivery date without having to discuss it with us in advance. You are saving time and automating manual processes in one go.

See for yourself what the electronic delivery notification has to offer.

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