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Training Service

We understand every aspect of drive technology and drive automation. This also includes a corresponding range of service training opportunities. We offer multifaceted training options to keep you at the top of drive expertise. This allows us to create the ideal general conditions for practically working with modern drive technology. Our training programs are unique in that they apply the latest methods for achieving the best learning results, provide customer orientation for greater training efficiency and demonstrate practical relevance using multifunctional training models. See for yourself what our diverse range of training programs has to offer.

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Through our central training institute, Drive Academy ® , we also give you the opportunity to create training customized to your needs that focuses on topics from the fields of drive technology and drive automation. This is a benefit that combines your needs with the manufacturer's expertise. This produces an optimal training result. In addition to the Drive Academy ® in Bruchsal, there are also training areas available at each of our Drive Technology Centers. All this means training with SEW-EURODRIVE trainers can be held at a location near you.

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