Industrial Gear Unit Service

Operational and process reliability – high-performance and integral

Industrial Gear Unit Service

Our CDS ® service portfolio is also available for industrial gear units. Take advantage of our comprehensive technical expertise to ensure the reliability of your operation and processes – worldwide. From startup to retrofitting, our service experts are there with advice and assistance – even for third-party products. We also offer you the choice between service on site (upon consultation) or at SEW-EURODRIVE.

Our comprehensive service for industrial gear units includes:

  • Startup
    • Installation and laser-based drive adjustment
    • Coordinated startup support
    • First oil filling
    • Production support and monitoring
  • Inspection and maintenance
    • Inspection and maintenance schedule
    • On-site inspections, if desired
    • Condition monitoring consulting and installation
    • Examination with an inspection scope for gear unit diagnostics
    • Oil management: oil change after run-in period, complete oil service (change, refill, disposal)
    • Oil quality analysis
  • Repair
    • Maintenance by replacing defective and any affected parts
    • Complete overhaul
    • Reworking of housings and shafts
    • Gearing components and shafts based on template and drawing
  • Retrofitting
    • Existing component replacement
    • Customization
    • Integrating energy efficiency aspects
    • Exact reproduction of your components

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Industrial gear unit service

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