Explosion-proof SPIROPLAN® right-angle gearmotors

Small, light, and safe – these are key features of your explosion-proof SPIROPLAN® right-angle gearmotors. With their light aluminum housing and compact design, they are the ideal application for those looking for compact angular drives.

The explosion-proof right-angle gearmotor for fast applications

Explosion-proof SPIROPLAN® right-angle gearmotors
W..EDR.. explosion-proof SPIROPLAN® right-angle gearmotors
W..EDR.. explosion-proof SPIROPLAN® right-angle gearmotors

Looking for a modern right-angle gearmotor for your system architecture that runs smoothly, achieves top speeds, and is also explosion-proof? Then look no further than the SPIROPLAN® right-angle gearmotor from the W..EDR.. series.

In addition, this gearmotor really saves on space thanks to its particularly lightweight design and small dimensions. The explosion-proof ATEX design complies with all the requirements of equipment group II. The II2GD and II3GD explosion-proof designs can therefore be used reliably in sensitive ambient conditions.

Benefit from a highly efficient drive solution with the SPIROPLAN® right-angle gearmotors from SEW‑EURODRIVE. These gearmotors are also exceptionally robust and low-maintenance. Thanks to their high-quality manufacturing and special design features, the explosion-proof SPIROPLAN® right-angle gearmotors offer you reliable durability and low-wear performance in lower torque ranges up to 180 Nm.

The explosion-proof motors also offer great variety – the motor ot the series EDR.. allows you to choose from motor power ratings between 0.12 kW and 45 kW.

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